Welcome To Office, Now Get To Work!

Joe Biden has been inaugurated as the President of the United States thanks to millions of youth and people of color who turned out in November. Now it's time that President Biden delivers on this historic mandate to change the direction of this country and confront the multiple intersecting crises we face. We have 100 demands for his first 100 days. Click the link below to get your own Biden Bingo sheet with 25 randomly chosen demands and play along on social media. Post your results with the hashtag #BidenBingo, tag Sunrise Bay Area, and win prizes for scoring a row or a blackout! The demands are listed below and will be updated as they are met.

Our 100 Demands!

  1. Restore voting rights to the disenfranchised
  2. Abolish ICE
  3. Restore all Trump-weakened environmental protections
  4. Stop ALL fracking
  5. Stop the exploitation of national park lands
  6. (Done!) Stop the sale of nature preserves in Alaska
  7. (Done!) Demand the biggest corporations to reduce their carbon emissions
  8. Replace fossil fuels with green energy
  9. Tax billionaires and millionaires
  10. Stop human rights abuses
  11. Ensure healthcare for all Americans
  12. Require land acknowledgments for Native Americans
  13. Send all $2000 stimulus checks
  14. (Done!) Rejoin the Paris Climate Accords
  15. Pass the Protect the Right to Organize (PRO) Act
  16. Pass a nationwide $15 minimum wage
  17. Give protections to undocumented immigrants
  18. Find and return children from the border camps
  19. Abolish the death penalty
  20. Pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act
  21. Stop all hunting of endangered and threatened species
  22. (Done!) Extend New START Treaty
  23. Cancel student debt
  24. Invest to build solar power plants
  25. Require companies to report all CO2 emissions to the SEC
  26. Regulate fossil fuel financing from banks
  27. End the war in Afghanistan
  28. Implement circular economy regulations
  29. Address homelessness nationally
  30. Fund free job training for every American in green jobs
  31. Electrify every building in the United States
  32. Re-negotiate trade agreements to address climate change
  33. Require decarbonization from federal contractors
  34. (Done!) Pass regulations that prioritize climate-rejuvenating farming practices
  35. (Done!) Prosecute Trump
  36. Set a 100% renewable energy standard by 2030
  37. Require all cars to be electric
  38. Require hydrogen power for aircraft
  39. Consult indigenous people for land management practices
  40. Pass gun control legislation
  41. Ban gylphospate
  42. Declare a national climate emergency
  43. Extend the eviction moratorium indefinitely
  44. Make public college free
  45. Nationalize the oil and gas industries
  46. Abolish the CIA
  47. Provide reparations for Black Americans
  48. Defund highways to invest in public transit
  49. Legalize cannabis
  50. Expand rural broadband
  1. Abolish the Electoral College
  2. (Done!) Shut Down Oil and Gas Leasing on Federal Lands
  3. Pass the Green New Deal Resolution
  4. End the war in Yemen
  5. Implement automatic voter registration
  6. Reinstate the Voting Rights Act
  7. Pass the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act
  8. Implement a Green Infrastructure Plan
  9. Veto the Patriot Act
  10. Stop Line 3
  11. End Citizens United
  12. Provide universal pre-kindergarten
  13. Establish a Universal Basic Income
  14. Close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp
  15. Pardon Julian Assange
  16. Pardon Edward Snowden
  17. Make Washington DC a state
  18. (Done!) Divest from big AG to support sustainable agriculture
  19. (Done!) Establish a Civilian Climate Corps
  20. Sign the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  21. Invest in the Green Climate Fund
  22. Cut carbon emissions to half by 2030
  23. Shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline
  24. Expand the Land-Back Program
  25. Overturn the Taft-Harley Act
  26. End Sanctions on Venezuela
  27. End Sanctions on Iran
  28. End Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
  29. Scour and Eliminate Gerrymandering
  30. Pass a financial transaction tax
  31. Allow self-determination for Puerto Rico
  32. Cancel Puerto Rican Debt
  33. End the War on Drugs
  34. Ban assault rifles nationally
  35. Lower Prescription Drug Prices
  36. Pass the Environmental Justice Mapping and Data Collection Act
  37. Vaccinate 150 million americans in 100 days
  38. End Private Immigration Detention Facilities
  39. Establish universal child benefit
  40. (Done!) Appoint high-level climate addressing roles
  41. (Done!) Preserve global carbon sink ecosystems
  42. (Done!) Consent to ratify the Kigali Amendment
  43. Ban chlorpyrifos
  44. (Done!) Restore Tongass National Forest protections
  45. Enforce mining firms pay for clean up operations
  46. (Done!) Restore federal flood protection standards
  47. Enforce coal plant wastewater treatment
  48. Restore Sage Grouse habitat protections
  49. Regulate perchlorate
  50. (Done!) Roll back the "America First" offshore energy strategy